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For the past 15+ years, the Ventura County Sportfishing Club has been sponsoring Ocean Fishing Trips for the underprivileged youth of Ventura County.

In fact, one of the main goals, and reasons for starting the VCSC, was to help give back to the local community.

This event costs many thousands of dollars. We charter the boat, supply the kids with rods, reels, tackle and bait for the day, provide the kids with all the food and drinks they can consume, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Read the info below about a few of our recent Kids Trips...

The 2019 Kids Trip will be;
Wednesday July 31, 2019...

We can always use help - this is a very fun and amazing trip...!


Our 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014 Kids Trip were incredible. We once again used the "Speed Twin" out of Channel Islands Sportfishing, and took almost 70 underprivileged kids fishing for the day.

If you want to help support this incredible endeavor, please contact us..!
We can use your help - both physically and financially.

In 2013, we had our Annual Kids Trip on Friday August 2, 2013.
We took 50 kids out for a great day of fishing.
Below is a letter we received after the event.

We want to thank all our members and supporters who made this trip possible..!



In 2012 - we had our annual Kids trip on Friday August 3, 2012....! Once again, we used the "Speed Twin" out of Channel Islands Sportfishing to take 60 underprivileged kids fishing. If you would like to volunteer to help at future events, or donate to this incredible event, please contact us.

We especially want to thank the "Friends of Rollo" organization, for helping us to charter the boat for this event in 2012.



The Ventura County Sportfishing Club's 2011 annual kids trip was a resounding success. The club volunteers, led by Geoff Mosdale gathered at Channel Islands Sport fishing Center to welcome the kids from Ventura County foster care. We were greeted by 59 enthusiastic young kids and their sponsors. Doug Mahoe brought about 75 spinning rods and reels borrowed from the LA Rod and Reel club. We then spent the next twenty minutes rigging outfits for the day's fishing.
We departed the harbor after an hour delay due to generator problems on the Speed Twin. After about a 30 minute ride to the offshore rise we began fishing. And what a fishing trip it was!. The barracuda bite was on, and the kids were really into it. Within minutes, several nice 4 to 5 lb barracuda were on board and all of the available spare rods were in use, with a couple of dozen rods now rendered useless with hooks bitten off, lines tangled, weights missing.
Club members began attempting to return some of these rods to a useful state, tying loops, threading hooks, securing weights. For the next four hours, Norm Rodewald did nothing but retie outfits, never getting so far ahead as to have more than five rods available. At one point, feeling confident, he was just finishing the sixth rod when in came three rods in disrepair, and he was back to three.
After about four hours, we moved to a new spot where some scattered rock fish and calico bass were taken. When the day was done, over 75 barracuda and about 50 mixed rock fish were taken, and all kids went home with a bag of fillets and a big smile. This was another great day for these kids and will be part of the long memories that they enjoy. The club members who volunteered were rewarded by thank you's and smiles.



In 2010, the Annual Kids Trip was held on Friday, July 23, 2010.

We had to use a smaller boat in 2010, but we still took 45 kids out for a GREAT day of fishing. All told, probably 300 fish were caught - every single kid caught at least one fish..!!!

Special thanks to L. A. Rod and Reel, and Eric's tackle shop Ventura for rods, reels and terminal tackle. Avet reels for hats and stickers, and Wescom Credit union for bandannas and pens Cars4Causes, Friends of Rollo and all the VCSC members who helped finance the trip. Bob Hart and Doug Mahoe for help with tackle. Al Steinberg, Iran Nepus, Ralph Wilson, Bob Prodohel, Mickey Plante, John Herweg, Dave Hill, Hal Chiprin, Richard Imhoff and anyone else I forgot who made it a great day for everyone!

Want details? Here goes. We arrived at the east end of Anacapa in about 45 minutes. This was enough time for the crew to rig 45 rods with double dropper loops and 6oz sinkers, for the kids to eat 45 burritos, consume 2 pots of coffee and the first of probably 100 sodas. It also gave them time to fish/play in the bait tank and get soaked! We anchored and pretty soon the first rhino perch came aboard. A drift didn't do much better but stop #3 and 4 did the trick.
There was a delay in the gap between these stops so the kids took the opportunity to consume 45 hamburgers, cheeseburgers, or hotdogs. Fortunately this didn't stop them from eating numerous bags of chips, cookies, etc.
To the kids, a fish is a fish so everything from sand dabs to square spots to starries, to reds, chuckles, blue bass, sculpin, and at least one widow went in the cooler. My guess is the kid that got 12 fish was a contender but many got 8-10 and everyone caught fish. Toward the end, with a full cooler we tried for barracuda in the fast moving current, hooking three but landing none. All in all, a VERY successful and fun trip for everyone.
Jordan the Boat Captain and his crew members had almost as good a time as the club members, chaperones and kids.

Here is a link to the "Thank You" letter we received from the Ventura County Human Services Agency, Children and Family Services - Thanking the VCSC for taking Foster children out fishing in July 2010.

Kids Trip Thank You letter



Summary from the 2009 Kids Trip.....

In 2009, there were nearly 90 kids and chaperones. Although the fishing was slow, it was a great trip and immensely enjoyed by all. Geoff Mosdale arranged to have dependant children of service personnel at the local military bases along with children from the Rain Project go out in 2009.

Many servicemen from the local bases are deployed in the Sea Bees, the Navy E-2 squadrons and the Air National Guard. We arranged to have some of their kids go fishing, while their fathers or mothers are deployed.



We run a Kids Trip every year. Contact the VCSC for information on how to help, or to volunteer on our Kids Trips.


If you would like to make a donation to help us fund the Kids Trip, it would be greatly appreciated..!
You can mail a check to:
P.O. Box 302
Moorpark, CA 93020

Or stop by one of the club meetings.

(Be sure to designate your check is for the "Kids Trip")

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