About the Ventura County Sportfishing Club

The Ventura County Sportfishing Club was organized to:

  • Sponsor saltwater sportfishing charters for members
  • Educate members in the art of sportfishing, safety, conservation and the laws governing our sport
  • Sponsor free sportfishing trips for underprivileged children

VCSC funds the Kids Trips with member dues, by holding raffles,
and through private contributions.


Members get the opportunity to

on Limited Load Charters.


The Ventura County Sportfishing Club

The Ventura County Sportfishing Club (VCSC) was created to:
1. Sponsor saltwater sport fishing trips for members.
2. Sponsor sport fishing trips for underprivileged children.
3. Educate members in the art of sport fishing, safety, conservation and the laws governing our sport.


1. A general membership meeting is held the first Tuesday of each month, starting at 6:30pm. We meet at Brendan's Irish Pub & Restaurant,
495 N. Ventu Park Rd Newbury Park, CA 91320. Typical meeting starts with a social period followed by discussion of Club Business, recent and planned fishing activity, a raffle and a guest speaker.

2. We have a Board of Directors meeting each month to plan and manage the Club’s activities.

3. We publish a Club newsletter each month – the “Chumline” - to keep the membership informed on Club events, fishing activities, and regulations.

4. We sponsor chartered fishing trips from local ports for Club members. Typical targets on these trips are white sea bass, yellowtail, halibut, ling cod, rockfish, and calico bass. Each member signs up and pays for the trips in advance.

5. Tuna trips are scheduled out of San Diego or local harbors, and we also go to Alaska, fishing for Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, and others.

6. The children’s fishing trips are organized and sponsored by the Club. They are memorable trips for the kids, their chaperones, and Club members who assist.

7. We have 2 big social events each year – a Club picnic in Summer
and a year-end party in December.

Fund raising activity:

1. Raffles are held at each monthly meeting. Prizes are typically salt water fishing gear, and will include fishing reels or rods.

2. A 3-5 day fishing trip is offered as a prize in a separate raffle conducted once a year.

3. Dues – each member pays $50.00 per year. This membership fee also includes all family members (spouse & children at home).

4. Private contributions. We do not have a formal program to solicit funds from this source but we do get some contributions each year this way.

You are invited to join our Club and have fun - fishing with friends.

Visit our website at - www.vcsc.info for more information.



P.O. Box 302


Dear Member,

Welcome to the Ventura County Sportfishing Club, where our motto is “FISH WITH FRIENDS”. I’d like to tell you a few things about us.

The club was founded in January, 1996, and as a member your spouse or significant other is automatically a club member also, and is very welcome to attend our monthly meetings and any other club events. The monthly meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, where we always have a very interesting speaker.

During the local fishing season, we have day-long and overnight charters from the local landings, plus we often do 3 day, 7 days and 10 day trips out of San Diego. We also have a charter to Alaska every year.

Our social activities include a club Bar-B-Que in the summer, and a grand Holiday Party in December.

Every Summer, we take 65+ underprivileged kids fishing for the day, usually on the “Speed Twin” out of Oxnard, and give them a day to remember for the rest of their lives. We raise money for this project from the excellent raffles we have at the meetings and from donors.

We are pleased you are joining our exciting club, and want to make sure we have all your information correct so that you receive our monthly newsletter, and any “Flash” news we send out.

Please complete a Membership Application – and we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting..!

Chuck Brinkman
VCSC President

We are continuously updating our website..
Please check back occasionally.


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